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Speaker Bio
Roger Dansey
Sr. Vice President – Clinical Research, Oncology
Merck Research Laboratories
Dr. Dansey joined MSD (known as Merck in the US and Canada) in 2015 to lead the company’s late stage oncology development program including Keytruda. Dr. Dansey joined Amgen in 2003 as medical director on the Neulasta® program. He then moved into clinical roles of increasing responsibility as executive director on Xgeva® and Prolia® and vice president of International R & D. In 2012, he moved to Gilead as vice president of Oncology Clinical Research.

Dr. Dansey received his Medical Degrees from the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg South Africa. Prior to joining industry, he held the position of Associate Professor of Medicine and Oncology at the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute and Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.
Katrin Rupalla
Head of Development
BMS R&D China
Katrin Rupalla was taking the position of Head of Development, BMS R&D China since January 2016, responsible for leading the R&D matrix team to shape the China Development strategy and plan. Katrin joined BMS in May 2012 as the Vice President of EU Global Regulatory Science.. Katrin has extensive experience in drug development and global regulatory affairs.

Katrin started her career in drug development 1997 by joining Hoffmann-La Roche as Regulatory Affairs Manager, Far East, with responsibility for managing 20 Asian markets, including China, India, and Taiwan. Following this she held various position in global drug development both at Roche headquarters in Switzerland and in the United States. Prior to joining BMS, Katrin worked for Celgene International as Executive Director of Regulatory Affairs, with responsibility for strategic oversight of all therapeutic areas of oncology, hematology and immune/inflammatory diseases for the European Union.

Katrin received her degree in Pharmacy and her Ph.D. in CNS Pharmacology from Philipps University in Marburg, Germany. She was awarded her ECPM/EUCOR diploma in pharmaceutical medicine from the Universities of Basel, Strasbourg, and Freiburg, and earned a Masters of Business Administration at Jones International University, Colorado, USA.

Katrin is a German citizen and lives in Shanghai with her husband.
Ferran Prat
Senior Vice President, Research Administration and Industry Relations
MD Anderson Cancer Center
Prat helps the faculty and researchers at MD Anderson develop collaborative opportunities with pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostics, imaging, laboratory medicine and other industry partners. Prior to joining MD Anderson, Ferran held a number of industry and academic positions, including vice president, oncology and women’s health at Alere Inc. vice president for licensing at Biosite Inc., management consultant at McKinsey & Co., engineer at Chromogenia-Units and researcher at the University of California – Los Angeles. Prat has a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from the University of California – Los Angeles and a J.D. from the University of San Diego School of Law.
Alex Matter
Chief Executive Officer
Experimental Therapeutics Centre & D3, A*STAR
Alex Matter is CEO of the Experimental Therapeutics Centre since April 2009 and since January 2012 CEO of the newly created D3 platform, A*STAR, Singapore. Previously, he had spent five and a half years as Director of the Novartis Institute for Tropical Diseases (NITD), from October 2003 to February 2009. Prior to this role, Dr. Matter was Global Head of Oncology Research for Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation. Dr. Matter played an important role in the success of several anticancer drugs, including Gleevec/Glivec® and more recently, Tasigna®, Farydak® and Rydapt®, building and leading the teams that discovered these and several other anticancer drugs as well as one HIV protease inhibitor (Reyataz®) that is marketed by another company.
Dr. Matter received his medical degree from the University of Basel. He also had fellowships at the Swiss National Science Foundation and the Swiss Academy for Medical Sciences. He has published more than 100 scientific articles and several book chapters in the area of oncology and hematology. He is emeritus Professor of the Medical Faculty of the University Basel and an Honorary Adjunct Professor of the Department of Pharmacology, YLL School of Medicine, NUS in Singapore and is a Board member of the Health Sciences Authority in Singapore. He is a Board member of small companies and Chair of several Scientific Advisory Boards.
Dr. Matter is the recipient of the Life-time Achievement Award from IBC Life Sciences, the 13th Warren-Alpert prize and the AACR-Bruce F. Cain Memorial Award. More recently he was awarded the 2013 Szent-Györgyi Prize from the US National Foundation for Cancer Research, and in 2016 the Borderless Award from A*STAR, Singapore.
Dr. Per Cantor
Chief Scientific Officer
Ferring China
Dr Cantor was appointed Chief Scientific Officer of Ferring China in 2017 after serving for 11 years as Senior Vice President of Global Clinical & Pre-Clinical R&D at Ferring. During this period, he has been leading multiple research programs primarily with peptide and protein NMEs from the preclinical stage to approval, including Firmagon ® for prostate cancer and Rekovelle ® for female infertility.

Previously, Dr. Cantor had a 15 year tenure at Eli Lilly in various leadership roles within R&D both in Europe and the US, covering a broad range of therapeutic areas. He graduated as MD and later obtained a PhD from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark and was engaged for 10 years in academic medicine and laboratory research.
Jin-San Yoo
CEO, President and Founder
Dr. Jin-San Yoo is CEO, President and Founder of PharmAbcine. He has 16 years of pharma & biotech industry experiences. As head of therapeutic antibody division, he established all necessary infrastructures, talented pool and several pipelines at LG Life Sciences R&D Park. As principal investigator at KRIBB, he leaded his research team to focus on development of next generation therapeutic antibodies. He found PharmAbcine and succeeded the series A from Novartis and OrbiMed in the middle of global economy crisis. He continuously leads company to clinical stage biotech and platform leaders. Dr. Yoo has authored numerous papers in peer reviewed journals, book chapters and he is also an inventor of several patents and patent applications. Dr. Yoo elucidated the novel membrane trafficking pathway of CFTR and its CF related mutant as TSRI Senior Associate at The Scripps Research Institute, CA, USA. Before Scripps, he was HHMI Associate at Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) at Stanford University School of Medicine, CA, USA for the projects of novel SNARE machineries and their mechanism in synaptic transmission. Dr. Yoo studied both microbiology and organic chemistry as undergraduate at the Georg-August-University Göttingen, Germany. He was trained as Intern, MS, PhD and MPI-Fellow in the field of molecular cell biology at Max-Planck- Institute for BioPhysical Chemistry, Göttingen, Germany.
QingAn Jiao
Senior Director, Head of Global Clinical Operations (GCO) China
Janssen (China) Research & Development Center
Dr. QingAn JIAO is currently Senior Director, Head of Global Clinical Operations (GCO) China, at Janssen (China) Research & Development Center, a Division of Johnson & Johnson (China) Investment Ltd. He has over 20 years of experience in drug development, and is very experienced in managing clinical trials and clinical operations team in China and in Asia Pacific. Prior to joining Janssen, he was taking different management or senior management roles in China or/and Asia Pacific at Roche, Sanofi, MDS Pharma Services and Pfizer, managing medium or large sized clinical operations team, with extensive experience in the management of multinational clinical trials in China and in Asia Pacific. He received his Medical degree in 1986 and Master degree in Medical Immunology in 1989. He has spoken at various international and national conferences and seminars on topics of clinical research and R&D activi¬ties, and was one of the members of the DIA Provisional Advisory Council of China (pACC).
Frank Grams
VP, Head R&D Alliance Management
Frank is the Global R&D Business Partner Alliance Management at Sanofi, member of the Sanofi Corporate Risk Committee and an Advisory Board member of ASAP. He is currently based in Paris, France.
Prior to joining Sanofi he was working in a variety of Partnering functions for Roche in China and Switzerland. Before switching to Partnering, he served in various Research positions for Roche in Switzerland and for Boehringer Mannheim in Germany. He holds a PhD in Chemistry from TU Munich (MPI Biochemistry, Martinsried, lab of Nobel laureate Robert Huber).
Yi Jin
DABT, Vice President of Laboratory Testing Division
WuXi AppTec
Dr. Jin is Vice President, Chief Scientific Toxicologist and Head of the WuXi IND Program Management at Laboratory Testing Division of WuXi AppTec Co., Ltd.
Dr. Jin has more than 20 years of experience in drug safety evaluation. Prior to joining WuXi, Dr. Jin was Director of Preclinical Safety at Novartis Pharmaceutical Company (2001-2014). During his tenure at Novartis, he contributed to over dozens of IND/NDA submissions of various innovative drugs, including drugs for hypertension, osteoporosis, hepatitis C, and cancers. Before Novartis, he was a genetic and molecular toxicologist at Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals Corporation (1997-2000).
Dr. Jin obtained his Ph.D. degree in Toxicology from New York University (1994), and completed his postdoctoral research at the Institute of Cancer Research of Columbia University and at the Haskell Laboratories of Industrial Toxicology of DuPont Company. He has been a Diplomate of the American Board Toxicology (DABT) since 2002. He was President of American Association of Chinese in Toxicology (AACT) in 2014-2015.
Hong Shen
Head of Medicinal Chemistry and Head of External Innovation, Therapeutic Modalities
Roche Innovation Center Shanghai (RICS)
Dr. Hong Shen is the Head of Medicinal Chemistry and Head of External Innovation, Therapeutic Modalities, at Roche Innovation Center Shanghai (RICS). His current research focus is in the areas of infectious diseases, inflammation and immunology. As a champion of external collaboration opportunities, Dr. Shen scouts the vibrant biomedical innovation ecosystem in China, and builds bridges with local academic/start-up/VC community.
Dr. Shen received his B.S. from Peking University, M.S. from University of Minnesota, and Ph.D. from Stanford University. After almost 10 years at Merck working on cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, he joined RICS in 2012. Dr. Shen has contributed to multiple clinical compounds. He has served several roles in the scientific community, including an adjunct professor of Tianjin University, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC), and a lecturer at Shanghai Jiaotong University and CCDRS, Peking University. He has contributed to almost 80 publications and over 50 patent applications. He is a scientific advisor of the ACS Infectious Diseases, Organic Process Research & Development, and the RSC Drug Discovery Book Series.
Zhao-Kui (ZK) Wan
Head of Chemistry, China R&D and Medical Affairs
Janssen (China) Research & Development Center
Dr. Wan is currently the Head of Chemistry and a member of leadership team at Johnson & Johnson’s Asian Pacific Discovery Center in Shanghai. He is responsible for the chemistry and related cross-function collaborations to support small molecule programs in the areas of oncology and infectious diseases.

Dr. Wan earned a Ph.D. degree from Boston University, then conducted a postdoctoral research at Harvard University where he discovered the sulfonamide-based asymmetric Nozaki-Hiyama-Kishi reaction, and contributed to the development of Eribulin that is now approved for the treatment of breast cancer and sarcoma under the name of HalavenTM. He then joined Pfizer (formerly Wyeth) where he worked for a dozen of years and served as a group and project leader as well as an advisor for postdoctoral fellows.

Dr. Wan has research experiences in multiple therapeutic areas, including inflammation, immunology, oncology, virology as well as cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. He made significant contributions to the development of a number of clinical and preclinical candidates. He also developed a novel and efficient phosphonium-mediated and related bond forming reactions in heterocyclic systems arising from a serendipitous observation.

Dr. Wan has more than 70 scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals, patents and meeting abstracts. He is an ad hoc reviewer for a dozen prestigious scientific journals. Dr. Wan is a co-founder, a member of Board of Directors of Chinese BioMedical Association (CABA) and served as the President (2009- 2010).

Dr. Wan won a number of awards and recognitions, including: • Young Industrial Investigator,the American Chemistry Society (2008), USA,
• Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC), the Royal Society of Chemistry (2015), UK;
• Elected as a Steering Committee member of Chemistry in Cancer Research (CICR) (2017 – 2018) at American Association for Cancer Research (AACR).
Tom Kinzel
Head of Innovation Center China
Bayer Pharma R&D
Tom received his PhD in organic chemistry from the University of Göttingen in 2008. He then moved to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as postdoctoral fellow, working on Palladium-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions. Tom joined Bayer in 2011 and worked for three years as lab head in medicinal chemistry in Wup­pertal. In 2014, he moved to Berlin and became the assistent of the head of the Drug Discovery organization. Since January 2016, Tom is the head of the Innovation Center China, which identifies opportunities, aligns, and manages research collaboration projects between Bayer Drug Discovery scientists and outstanding Chinese academic institutions as well as CROs. In 2001/2002, Tom spent one year in China, studying Chinese at Nanjing University and complet­ing an internship in molecular biology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Shanghai.
Joseph Duffy
Executive Director, Head of External Discovery Chemistry
Merck Research Laboratories
Dr. Joseph Duffy is an Executive Director and Head of External Discovery Chemistry at Merck Research Laboratories in Kenilworth, New Jersey. He supervises a team of senior scientists deployed across Merck’s entire portfolio of small molecule Discovery Chemistry projects, with responsibility for the contribution and impact from international contract research resources. Joe's work at Merck has included all phases of drug discovery, from lead identification and technology development (combinatorial chemistry) through clinical phase II/III candidate development teams. He has directed successful lead optimization efforts for multiple indications, resulting in clinical candidates and Investigational New Drug (IND) applications from both internal projects and international collaborative research with biotech organizations. His work has resulted in over 60 peer-reviewed research publications and granted or pending patent applications. Joe received his Ph.D. in 1996 from Harvard University under the direction of Professor David Evans. He is an alumnus of Kent State University (B.S. in chemistry) and of Eastman Kodak Research Labs Co-Op Program (research associate).
Philippe G. Nantermet
Principal Scientist, Director, External Discovery Chemistry
Merck & Co., Inc
Following training with Prof M.T. Crimmins at UNC Chapel Hill and Prof KC Nicolaou at SCRIPPS, Philippe joined the pharmaceutical industry in 1994. Philippe is recognized as Drug Discovery Leader with a broad background in medicinal chemistry, in the areas of neurodegeneration, pain, HIV, arthritis, and cardiovascular research. His diverse team leadership experience spans: Hit Identification, Lead Identification, Lead Optimization, and Preclinical Development to Phase I Testing. He is experienced in program strategy and development, and leveraging new technologies such as parallel medicinal chemistry to accelerate drug design and synthesis. He is experienced in directing CRO operations as support to internal programs, has some expertise in Chemical Biology and screening deck creation/curation. Philippe has authored or co-authored over 40 peer reviewed publications, along with several book chapters, has delivered multiple invited lectures at international conferences, is an inventor on over 30 issued patents, and serves on the board of the Medicinal and Bioorganic Chemistry Foundation.
Haijun Dong
Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Haijun Dong, CEO of PharmaBlock, has strong background and formal training in both technical field and business management. Before joining PharmaBlock, he worked as COO of Lilly China R&D Center, Head of DMPK and Drug Safety at Roche R&D (China), Senior Principal Scientist at Roche Nutley. Ph.D. in chemistry and pharmaceutical sciences from the University of Washington of the US and MBA from China Europe International Business School.
TJ Deng
BioDuro (China)
TJ Deng is currently the CEO of BioDuro (China), a business unit of BioDuro LLC with headquarter in San Diego. He manages over 700 scientists operating from R&D facilities in Beijing and Shanghai. BioDuro is a global leader in providing high quality drug discovery and development services in various disease areas.

Dr. TJ Deng participated in the founding of BioDuro and was one of the key leadership who help BioDuro grow to an industry leading discovery service organization. He set up and managed many departments before he made full transition to business and operation.

Prior to joining BioDuro, Dr. Deng spent six years at PPD, held increasing responsibilities from a scientist to a scientific leader. He is a world leader in Extractable/Leachable research field.

Dr. Deng earned a bachelor’s degree in Applied Chemistry from Fudan University in Shanghai and a PhD in Chemistry from Marquette University. He received EMBA training from Business School of University of Wisconsin, Madison.
Jim Li
Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Jim Li is Chief Executive Officer of Sundia, responsible for driving the business growth of Sundia which as one of China’s leading CROs.
Dr. Li has led a distinguished career in the pharmaceutical industry, having spent over 18 years at various companies including Henkel, Wyeth and Pfizer in the area of process research as well as medicinal chemistry. During his tenure, he was involved in a variety of drug discovery programs such as COPD, asthma, Rheumatoid/osteoarthritis, diabetes. Dr. Li also has co-authored more than 60 research articles and patents.
Dr. Li received his Ph.D in Organic Chemistry from University of Central Lancashire UK followed by a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Chicago with Dr. Philip Eaton.
Tang Ming
Chairman, CEO
E3 Green Technology Company
Dr.Tang graduated from the University of Science and Technology of China in 1982 and obtained his PhD in cosmo-chemistry from the University of Chicago in 1987. His research accomplishments include humankind’s first discovery of pre-solar material, generated 4 articles in Nature. Dr.Tang obtained his MBA degree with a specialization in finance from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota in 1990.
Dr.Tang joined Ford Motor Company in 1990 and served for 12 years at management positions in U.S., China, Portugal and Argentina in IT, product development, manufacturing, marketing and sales, strategic planning, China joint venture negotiation and management, etc.
In 2002, Dr.Tang returned to China to pursue a career in high-tech startups. He has since successfully founded a diverse industry portfolio of companies which include business management consulting, financial auditing software, pharmaceutical CRO (Sundia), e-commerce, new drug development (Challenge Meditech), and laboratory ventilation equipment and technology (E3).
In 2006, Yonyou acquired Nordsan Technology Development Company, where Dr.Tang served as Chairman. In 2015, while serving as the Chairman of TSnT, the company successfully listed on China’s New Third Board market exchange. In 2017, Challenge Meditech, the company where Dr.Tang served as Chairman and CEO for more than 8 years to develop CM082 new drug, was acquired by Betta Pharmaceuticals, a publically traded company.
Dr.Tang currently serves as the Chairman and CEO of E3 Green Technology Company. The company has successfully pioneered disruptive innovations in the laboratory safety and ventilation industry with its Bernoulli Laminar Air-Curtain Containment Hood and SmartFlow Damper System. The Bernoulli Hood delivers exceptional 0.00ppm “zero-spill” containment safety performance while reducing energy consumption by over 80%; the Bernoulli SmartFlow Damper System delivers venturi valve performance at a fraction of the cost. The company’s first priority is to help China solve its universal problem with unsafe laboratories; the second is to help laboratories around the world achieve substantial energy savings and reduce global carbon footprint.
Wenge Zhong
Scientific Director, Head of Chemistry
Amgen Asia R&D Center
Dr. Wenge Zhong is a Scientific Director and Head of Chemistry at the Amgen Asia R&D Center in Shanghai. His is responsible for structural biology, molecular modeling, therapeutics discovery and related Amgen-academia external research collaborations.

Dr. Zhong received his Ph. D. degree in Chemistry from the California Institute of Technology and completed his postdoctoral training at the Scripps Research Institute. He then joined Amgen, Thousand Oaks, California as a medicinal chemist and worked there for about 14 years with increasing responsibilities. He led project teams or played a significant role in successfully delivering 7 development candidates that spanned across therapeutic areas of neurodegenerative diseases, neuropathic pain, psychosis, inflammation, and oncology. In 2014, Dr. Zhong moved back to China to help founding the Amgen Asia R&D Center in Shanghai, where he was instrumental in building a multidisciplinary discovery research team and is leading the effort on establishing a world-class center of excellence for GPCR structural biology and discovery of small molecule and biologics drugs.
Changyou Zhou
Senior Vice President, Executive Head of Chemistry
BeiGene, Ltd
Dr. Changyou Zhou is the Senior Vice President and Executive Head of Chemistry at BeiGene, Ltd. His current research focus is in the areas of oncology, inflammation and immunology.
Dr. Zhou received his B.S. from Lanzhou University, M.S. from Chengdu Institute of Academia Sinica, Ph.D. from Geneva University in Switzerland, and a joint postdoctoral fellow from Indiana University, Purdue University and Eli Lilly. After 13 years at Merck working in the areas of cardiovascular, metabolic and inflammation diseases and a short stay at BioDuro responsible for CRO service programs, Dr. Zhou joint BeiGene, Ltd in the beginning of 2011 where he has been leading the small molecular drug discovery programs focused on anticancer targets and has contributed to multiple preclinical and clinical candidates. He has also established cross-functional teams such as internal/external medicinal and process chemistry, CMC, QA/QC, supply chain, compound management and IP protection at BeiGene, Ltd. He has contributed to over 40 patent family applications and over 40 publications.
Haizhou (Joe)Zhang
Head, Preclinical R&D
Simcere Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Zhang is the CEO of BJMab Biopharmaceuticals Inc., which is a biotech company with a focus on discovering and developing innovative biologics for unmet medical needs. Prior to joining BJMab, Dr. Zhang served quite a number of organizations including CFDA, Covance, Boehringer Ingelheim, and Roche with increased roles and responsibilities from scientist to vice president during his more than 20 years of professional career in pharmaceutical R&D.
Dr. Zhang is a pharmaceutical industry veteran trained in the United States and China. He received his Ph.D. in Toxicology from Indiana University and is a certified toxicologist by American Board of Toxicology. He also has medical degrees from Beijing Medical University.
Zhenggang Jiang
Executive Vice President
Zensun (Shanghai) Sci & Tech Co. Ltd
Dr. Jiang joined Zensun in 2008, where he was Group Leader of R&D, Senior Researcher of IP, and Executive Vice President during the past ten years at Zensun. Now, he is taking responsibility for a wide range of tasks, including business development, intellectual property, legal affairs and strategic planning. Dr. Jiang earned his Ph.D. degree at the Medical School of Fudan University with a major in immunology.
Yiwen Chen
Vice President, Business Development
Zensun (Shanghai) Sci & Tech Co. Ltd
Dr. Chen received his Ph.D. in biomedical sciences from the University of Macau. With his solid experience in biomedical research, drug quality control and assessment, project management , Dr. Chen is now focusing on Zensun’s business development and project cooperation.
Yingfu Li
President of Research and Development Institute
Chengdu Brilliant Pharmaceutical Co., LTD
Dr. Li joined Chengdu Brilliant Pharmaceutical Co., LTD as President of Research and Development Institute in 2014. Before joined Brilliant Pharmaceutical, he worked as General Manager of Chengdu ChemPartner, And Vice President of Shanghai ChemPartner in medicinal chemistry. Dr. Li started his pharmaceutical career by joining Bayer in 1995. He spent two years as Post-Doc in Research Center Wuppertal, Bayer AG, Germany. He then moved to Research Center Kyoto, Bayer Yakuhin Co., LTD, Japan. In 2004, he was transferred to Research Center West Haven, US, and worked there until 2007. Dr. Li received his Doctorate Degree from West China University of Medical Sciences in 1994.
Yuanwei Chen
CEO and Founder
Hinova Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Dr. Chen is CEO and founder of Hinova Pharmaceuticals Inc, a leading drug discovery company located in Chengdu, China. Dr. Chen is also serving as professor of Chemistry at Sichuan University with the National Key Laboratory for Gene Therapy. Prior to this, Dr. Chen was the Vice President of Shanghai ChemPartner, a leading CRO organization in the world. Dr. Chen’s responsibilities include corporate business strategy, medicinal project management and business development. Dr. Chen is also serving as the GM of Chengdu ChemPartner, a wholly owned subsidiary of Shanghai ChemPartner for 5 years. Prior to ChemPartner, Dr. Chen was the Chief Scientific Officer at Egret Pharma (Shanghai) Ltd, where he was instrumental in developing drug candidate for diabetes which is currently under phase III clinical trials in US. Dr. Chen spent 4 years at Abbott Laboratories (US, Chicago) where he was involved in combinatorial chemistry and medicinal chemistry. From 1999 to 2005, he worked at the Bayer Corporation (US) on various projects in oncology, during which time he acted as project coordinator. Dr. Chen has over 20 years of experiences in pharmaceutical/outsourcing industry in US and China. He is the co-inventor of several clinical candidates and has 48 patents, and 50 research publications.
Dr. Chen received numerous award including “National 1000 Talent”, “Sichuan 1000 Talent”, “Sichuan Excellent Innovative Team”, and “10 Famous Returnees in Chengdu” etc. Dr. Chen also led and built: “Chengdu Public Analytic Platform for Pharmaceutical and biologics”, “Sichuan Generic Drug Center”. Such infrastructure greatly accelerated the development of Chengdu pharmaceutical and biotech industry.
Dr. Chen obtained PHD from University of Lausanne, Switzerland, and did postdoctoral at The Scripps Research Institute (La Jolla, US).
Ko-Chung Lin
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
PharmaEssentia Corp
Being the leading founder of PharmaEssentia, Dr. Lin is an accomplished scientist, receiving his Ph.D. from the University of Missouri, followed by postdoctoral research at the University of Michigan. With more than 20 years of successful experience in drug discovery and development, Dr. Lin was also the co-founder of the discovery chemistry team at Biogen, where he led the team to discover their first drug candidate that was later licensed to Merck Co. Prior to that, his work at Monsanto-Searle on HIV protease inhibitor project resulted in an AIDS drug on the market. In addition, he is also the holder of more than 40 patents.
Min Wu
Executive Director, Asia Pacific Innovation Hub
Dr. Min Wu is currently Executive Director of the Asia Pacific Innovation Hub of MSD, responsible for R&D business development in various therapeutic areas and enabling technology covering the Greater China area. Before MSD, she was the Head of External R&D and Licensing for Amgen Asia R&D Center in Shanghai, responsible for the center’s scientific outreach and alliance management of the external strategic partnerships. She was also in charge of Search & Evaluation for Amgen’s Global Business Development for the JPAC region. Dr. Wu obtained her PhD in computational biology and chemistry from New York University, conducted post-doctoral research at Pfizer Global R&D, La Jolla, CA and subsequently worked as principle scientist at GlaxoSmithKline, Research Triangle Park, NC.
Xiang Yang Zhu
Huaota Biopharm and Huabo Biopharm
Dr. Zhu is an expert in antibody drug discovery and process development with more than 18 years of industrial experience. He has extensive experience in antibody drug discovery, process development, and manufacture facility construction. Dr. Zhu is the CEO for both Huaota Biopharm and Huabo Biopharm (members of Huahai Pharm), leads its global biotherapeutic research Prior to join Huahai, he worked at Boehringer Ingelheim for more than 8 years in different function areas at multiple locations ( Ridgefield, USA; Biberach, Germany; and Shanghai, China). He led and engaged in over 20 global BI biological research projects including current clinic Phase I-III projects and market products; he also initiated and participated in up/downstream process development of multiple biological products as well as in the design and construction of the pilot plant at Shanghai for BI. Dr. Zhu obtained his PhD in microbiology and immunology from the University of Illinois at Chicago and has authored more than 20 publications in peer-reviewed journals.
Michael Chen
Head of External Innovation, China
Merck KGaA
Dr. Chen Chen (Michael) currently works as Head of External Innovation China for Merck KGaA. Michael works in line with Merck R&D strategic needs to drive new opportunities through collaborations with academic and centers of excellence, as well as local pharmaceutical companies in China and other Asia-pacific areas. He encompasses scouting and evaluating of external opportunities including assets in discovery and early clinical development (prior and post clinical PoC), novel drug targets/biomarkers, and discovery technologies, through open innovation, licensing, co-development, investment and other collaboration opportunities. He also works closely with Merck global BD for various in-licensing and out-licensing deal makings.

Michael received his bachelor degree in cell and molecular biology from University of Essex, a master degree in cancer immunotherapy from University of Nottingham and a PhD in Biochemistry from Imperial College London. Before joining Merck, he has been leading research projects at Spirogen Ltd./MedImmune, and involved in business development/investment activities at WuXi AppTec and ChemPartner.
Bin Jerica Shi
Head of External R&D and Licensing
Amgen Asia R&D Center
Dr. Bin Shi joins Amgen Asia R&D Center in Sept., 2016 serving as Head of External R&D and Licensing to leverage wide external scientific and technology expertise in China and Asian Pacific areas to advance and complement Amgen’s global internal effort in discovery of breakthrough medicines. Before that, Bin has been living in US for 23 years and working in the pharmaceutical industries for more than 18 years, overseeing anti-cancer, anti-viral and vaccine drug discovery/development in Pharmacology Department at Merck West Point, PA, and at Schering-Plough, Kenilworth NJ. She has been an active member of AACR (American Association of Cancer Research) since 2006 and a member of NSH (National Society of Histotechnology). Bin has published more than 30 papers, abstracts and patents in reputed journals including JBC, Cancer Research etc, and an invited speaker at several conferences. Bin is a lifetime SAPA member, and serves in the senior leadership team (SLT) of SAPA-GP with increased responsibility: Executive Council, General Secretary, VP of Public Affairs, Communication and Outreach, President-elect (2015-2016) and President (2016-2017). Most recently Bin is appointed as Acting President of SAPA-China (2017). Bin completed her Ph.D. at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, her Master of Science degree at State University of New York (SUNY) in Syracuse, and her Bachelor of Science degree at Nankai University in Tianjin China.
Bin Li
Director, Search & Evaluation, JAPAC
Dr. Bin Li is currently Director, Search & Evaluation, JAPAC at AbbVie in Shanghai, responsible for search and evaluation of partnership opportunities in key therapeutic areas of immunology, oncology, neuroscience, and liver diseases. Prior to joining global S&E team in July 2015, he was site head of AbbVie China R&D Center in Shanghai which focuses on pre-clinical drug discovery in several therapeutic disease areas including chronic kidney diseases. Dr. Li joined Abbott R&D Center, Shanghai in September of 2008 to head the center and carry out drug discovery research in several key therapeutic areas, and continued to head the center following separation of pharmaceutical business and formation of AbbVie. Prior to Abbott, Dr. Li was Vice President, Service Biology at ChemPartner to build and lead the service biology division. Before returning to Shanghai, he spent 16 years in US pharmaceutical and biotech companies, including Roche, Pfizer, Anadys, and Xceptor, with various titles from Research Scientist to Director to lead and support drug discovery research as well as drug screening and lead discovery technologies such as ATLAS, an affinity-based high throughput screening platform for protein ligand identification. Dr. Li received his B.S. from Lanzhou University in China in 1982, M.S. from Iowa State University in 1986, and Ph.D. from Penn State University in 1990. Dr. Li has more than 25 years of drug discovery experience in various therapeutic disease areas
Dr. Mingde Xia
Senior Director
Johnson & Johnson Innovation Center AP
Dr. Mingde Xia is currently a Senior Director of Johnson & Johnson Innovation Center AP, and focuses on business development in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Korea etc. with universities, institutes, investors and innovative companies for J & J worldwide pharmaceuticals, medical device / diagnostic products and OTC / consumer business, through investment, incubation, co-development, license and other collaboration vehicles. He has been working with Johnson & Johnson for 18 years after career track at China Pharmaceutical University and Yale University, and has successfully led / executed over 50 projects external collaboration for Johnson & Johnson three sectors. He is a guest / adjunct professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a major inventor / author of over 60 patents / publications, a reviewer for a number of top quality international scientific journals, and an invited speaker for many international pharmaceutical conferences / forums. He received awards from American Chemical Society, Johnson & Johnson and different universities. He has actively involved in Sino-American Pharmaceutical Professionals Association (SAPA President 2009, Board of Directors 2008-2017) and organized many international conferences in USA and Asia.
Jay Mei
Chairman and CEO
Jay Mei, MD, PhD: Founder of Antengene, previously an Executive Director of Clinical Development at Celgene Corporation. Dr. Mei successfully led the development of REVLIMID® (Lenalidomide) in China. REVLIMID received CFDA approval and launched in China in 2013.

Outside the China market, Dr. Mei was responsible for clinical trials of REVLIMID in more than 30 countries.

Prior to Celgene, Dr. Mei also served in multiple clinical development roles at Novartis Oncology and J&J Pharmaceutical Research & Development.

Dr. Mei completed eight years of cancer and clinical research at the US National Cancer Institute (NCI). Over the twenty years of his career in academia and industry, Dr. Mei has been an author on over 70 publications and holds multiple patents.

Dr. Mei has also lectured at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine on clinical research and is an adjunct professor at Xiang-Ya Medical College in China.
Kevin Pan
President and CEO
Asieris Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Kevin Pan is a co-founder of Asieris Pharmaceuticals and has served as its president and CEO since Mach 2010. Asieris is a private, VC-backed clinical-stage biotech company based in China. Before founding Asieris, Dr. Pan was a founding member of Hutchison MediPharma, a Chinese biotech dedicated to developing innovative small molecular and botanical medicines for the global market. He served as the senior director of drug discovery chemistry and IP at the beginning, and then led the company’s BD department with a successful track record of partnership deals with P&G, Merck Serono and Eli Lilly. Dr. Pan started his career in the pharmaceutical industry from R&D divisions at Pfizer (Groton, CT) and Johnson & Johnson (Spring House, PA). Dr. Pan received a BS degree in organic chemistry from Fudan University in Shanghai and a Ph.D. degree in bioorganic chemistry from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. He had been an adjunct professor at the School of Pharmacy of Jilin University in China from 2005-2010, and is currently members of the Bayhelix Group and Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology (CSCO).
Joe Zhou
Genor BioPharma, Walvax Bio Group
Previously, Dr. Zhou was Scientific Director at Amgen, Thousand Oaks, USA. His over 20-years experience of process development, multiple project management capacity in cGMP and non-GMP reproducible purification/production of protein/antibody therapeutics from FIH to CPD with depth knowledge of CHO clone selection, cell culture optimization, real time analytical assays, formulation and product specification for drug substances and drug products made Dr. Zhou many times as Project Process Team Leader/Project Team Leader/Cross Functional Core Investigation Teams Leaders at Amgen in the past.

Dr. Zhou has proven bio-industrial leadership in scientific innovation and technology evaluation, and is well known for implementation of membrane chromatography in mAb large-scale processing. Dr. Zhou has excellent reputation and an extended external network in the Process Development and or Process science peer community due to his extensive speaking and publication record including research articles, patents and book chapters in the Process Development and Process science field. Dr. Zhou has proven records for design space for process robustness and viral clearance in mAb production. Dr. Zhou was awarded as 2007 Amgen’s “Excellence n Science and Engineering” for his major achievement and leadership on photo-oxidation on monoclonal antibody yellowing, and selected by Amgen as a visiting professor teaching the GMP Master’s Degree Program at PKU, People’s Republic of CHINA since 2007.
Ye Hua
Senior Vice President, Head Clinical Development & Regulatory Affairs
Hutchison MediPharma
Ye Hua, MD, MPH is Senior VP, Head of Clinical Development and Regulatory Affairs at Hutchison MediPharm, a novel drug R&D company focusing on drug discovery and development for innovative therapies in oncology and autoimmune diseases. Managing the clinical and regulatory organization, Dr. Hua is responsible for advancing clinical development pipeline and registering new drugs in China and ex-China. Under his leadership, the clinical development programs have grown from 5 small molecules in 7 Phase 1 oncology clinical trials to 8 small molecules in over 30 Phase 1-3 clinical trials in oncology and immunology in China, Australia, and USA. Most recently, Dr. Hua led fruquintinib NDA submission in mCRC indication via MAH policy.

Native from Shanghai, Dr. Hua graduated from Fudan University Shanghai Medical College in 1992. He worked as a cancer epidemiologist at Shanghai Cancer Institute between 1992 and 1996, and then went to McGill University in Montreal Canada to pursue a Master Degree in cancer epidemiology.
Zhenkun Ma
Founder and CEO
TenNor Therapeutics Limited
Dr. Zhenkun Ma is the Founder and CEO of TenNor Therapeutics. He graduated from Peking University, received a PhD form the University of Connecticut and completed Post-Doctoral training at Boston College. Dr. Ma has more than 20 years of experience in research and development of anti-infective products. Previously, he led an antibacterial drug discovery program at Abbott Laboratories, participated in the creation of antibiotic biotech company Cumbre and served as Chief Scientific Officer of the Global Alliance for TB drug Development.

Dr. Ma received numerous awards and honors from Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province and the national level. He served as an advisor or reviewer for the TB program of the World Health Organizations, National Institute of Health of the US, European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Wellcome Trust. He is an author of more than 100 scientific publications and an inventor of more than 60 patent applications and 40 issued patents.
Jason Zhu
Chief Executive Officer
Jason is a certified internal medicine physician, and he joined pharmaceutical/CRO industry since 2002 after 2 years medical doctor practice. Jason has been in CRO and Biopharmaceutical industry for over 16 years with multiple exposure and responsibility through multiple geography (Asia Pacific, China and US).
Most recently, Jason worked for a local Pharmaceutical as the CEO of the company. Prior to that, Jason worked for a top global CRO as Global Vice President. His continuously expanded responsibility at that company enable him and the company to maintain and improve the high ranking of the customer satisfactions through the delivery of excellence. He successfully managed growth of the backlog contributions through over 700% growth over the past 5 years.
Jason obtained his Medical Doctor Degree in 2000 and his MBA Degree in 2010.Jason has also started his EMBA program at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business since from 2016.
Binhui (Ben) Ni
CEO, Operating Partner
iPharma (H.K.) limited, i-Bridge Capital
Dr. Ben Ni is currently the CEO of iPharma, a Chinese biotech focusing on developing novel drugs at or near clinical stages via global licensing strategy for the treatment of diseases with large unmet needs in China and worldwide
Overall, Ben has 23+ year wealth experience in global healthcare industry, CRO industry, consulting/start-up biotech management and Venture Capital with broad and diverse scientific and business management expertise/knowledge. Prior to his current role as CEO, iPharma/ Operating partner, i-Bridge Capital since April 2017, Ben spends 6+ years as AVP, at Sanofi-Aventis, and the Head of external Innovation & Partnering, Strategy and Business Development (Asia Pacific) where he translated his R&D knowledge and led his team in initiating business development & in-/out-licensing strategy and business transaction & partnering alliance resulting in several significant deals. Before Sanofi, Ben spends 16+ years in various senior leadership positions in several global healthcare/pharmaceutical companies such as Eli Lilly (Action group Chair), Covance (General Manager, greater China region), and GSK (Global Head of Neurodegenerative Disorders group) where Ben plays pivotal roles in global R&D operation and clinical trial management in US and Asia. In R&D, Ben has the proven track record of transitioning compounds from drug discovery/research phase into clinical development in several therapeutic areas of CNS and oncology. Two molecules (one small molecule and one biologics) had gone into phase III development for CNS disorders and two small molecular in phase II for oncology. Moreover, Ben has extensive experience in starting up biotech companies. He co-founded two start-up biotech, one in US and one in China.
Ben has > 40 publications in top international journals including Science, PNAS, five book chapters and four granted US/worldwide patents. Ben has been invited speaker in > 60 international conferences and professional seminars. He is also adjunct professor in several universities in US and Singapore
Jonathan Wang
Senior Managing Director and Founding Partner
OrbiMed Asia
A co-founder and Senior Managing Director of OrbiMed Asia, Dr. Wang has over 20 years of healthcare and life sciences experience, spanning investment, entrepreneurship, finance and research. He has been named one of the top 10 healthcare investors in China (ChinaVenture). He has invested in many successful companies, including Zai, Genewiz, ForteBio and EA. He is a co-founder and former Chairman of BayHelix, a premier organization of Chinese healthcare business leaders. Under the supervision of Eric Kandel, a Nobel Laureate, Dr. Wang obtained a Ph.D. in Molecular Neurobiology from Columbia University. He was rewarded the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Research Fellowship at Columbia. He also earned an MBA from Stanford University.
Nisa Leung
Managing Partner
Qiming Venture Partners
Nisa Leung is a Managing Partner of Qiming Venture Partners and leading its health care investments. Qiming Venture Partners is a leading investment firm in China which currently manages over USD 2.7 billion in assets and investment in over 220 companies.

Prior to joining Qiming, she was co-founder of Biomedic Holdings with operations and investments in medical devices, pharmaceuticals and health care services in China including Novamed Pharmaceuticals (acquired by SciClone NASDAQ: SCLN) and U-Systems (acquired by GE Healthcare). Nisa was Venture Partner of PacRim Ventures in Menlo Park, and was previously with Softbank/Mobius Venture Capital.

Nisa was named Venture Capital Professional of the Year by Asian Venture Capital Journal in 2017. She currently sits on the board of Gan & Lee Pharmaceutical, Zai Laboratories (NASDAQ: ZLAB), Nurotron, Venus MedTech, Goodwill Information Technology, dMed, LIH Rehabilitation, CanSino Biotechnology, Berry Genomics (SZSE:000710). She also oversees Qiming’s investments in Acea Biosciences, Aeonmed Medical, Alltech Medical, CITIC Pharmaceuticals (acquired by Shanghai Pharmaceutical HKSE: 02607), Crown Bioscience (GTSM: 6554), Origene Technologies (acquired by VCAN Bio SHSE: 600645), Richen, VR Medical, Wuxi Leiming, Chain Medical Labs, Suzhou Qiagen and New Horizon Bio.

Nisa earned her MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business and a BS from Cornell University. She is currently visiting lecturer at Harvard Law School, member of Committee on Hong Kong Innovation and Technology (I&T) Development and Re-Industrialization, council member of HKUST Business School and serves on the Board of Governors of the Hotchkiss School.
Feng Li
Li Feng, Ph.D., J.D., is a partner of the law firm of Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP, based in Washington, DC. She practices patent litigation before U.S. district courts, post-grant proceedings before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), patent prosecution, opinions and counseling, and due diligence. Her technical experience spans a broad range of technologies, including pharmaceutical, biologics, biotechnology, medical device, chemical, agriculture, nanotechnology, cosmetic, and metallurgy. She has represented a number of pharmaceutical companies in Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) pre-litigation and litigation. She manages pharmaceutical patent portfolios covering clinical drug candidates. She has successfully represented companies in PTAB proceedings in the areas of biopharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and electronics. She also frequently speaks on intellectual property topics.
Prior to practicing law, Li was engaged in extensive academic and industry research, through which she gained broad knowledge and hands-on experience in a wide range of fields, including drug discovery, pharmaceutical analysis and formulation, antibodies, assay development, medicinal chemistry, protein chemistry, molecular biology, and computer-based molecular modeling. She was an extern to Chief Justice Matthew B. Durrant at the Utah Supreme Court in 2008 and a Fellow of Leadership Council on Legal Diversity in 2015.
Janet Xiao
Co-chair of the global Life Sciences Group
Morrison & Foerster LLP
Janet Xiao, Ph.D., J.D., is co-chair of the global Life Sciences Group of Morrison & Foerster LLP and specializes in world-wide patent procurement, patent portfolio management, and strategic planning for life sciences companies. Recognized for her deep understanding of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries and knowledge of IP relating to the life sciences arena (Chambers Global), Janet is highly sought after for complex patent strategic and IP due diligence work. She is instrumental on the strategy for multibillion-dollar patent portfolios for pharmaceutical clients, and works extensively with U.S. and foreign life sciences clients in conducting IP due diligence in various business settings. Dr. Xiao is among the very few IP attorneys who are both equipped with solid skills in global strategic IP management and knowledgeable about IP issue unique to China and Chinese clients, and is frequently called upon to advise clients on IP issues and conduct IP due diligence in U.S./China cross-border transactions and operations in China.
Dipak Mundra
Dipak is a Partner with LexOrbis. He is a versatile and result oriented Patent Lawyer with over 15 years of experience in handling the entire IPR (Patents) portfolio. He concentrates his practice on intellectual property litigation, strategic patent consultancy, prosecution strategy and counselling matters. He has obtained successful results for clients in numerous intellectual property cases, particularly in the field of pharmaceutical and chemical industry. Prior to LexOrbis, he was engaged for 10 years as In-house Patent Counsel for India’s largest pharmaceutical company, Sun Pharma, managing its global patent portfolio. In his illustrious career, he has not only handled numerous contentious matters in India but has actively participated in Hatch Waxman Litigation proceedings in the US District Courts and CAFC.
Binxin LI
Senior Partner
Anjie Law Firm
Mr. Binxin LI is a senior partner at Anjie Beijing and Shanghai offices. He has almost 10 years of experience in IP area. He has been advising many multinational and domestic pharmaceutical clients on complicated IP issues including patent prosecution, invalidation and litigation, international R&D collaboration and IP transaction, as well as on drug registration and other compliance issues. He has been recognized as “Client Choice Top 20 Lawyers in CHINA” by Asian Legal Business in 2015 and 2016.
Weibin Wang
Partner, Patent Attorney, Trademark Attorney
Shanghai Beshining Law Office
Mr. Wang is taking charge of Domestic Patent Department in Shanghai Beshining Law Office. Over 10 years of practice, he has handled hundreds of patent applications. He also successfully handled and won series of patent disputes in the field of chemical and pharmaceutical enterprises , including patent invalidation case referring to Fortune 500 chemical and pharmaceutical enterprises and patent administrative procedure retrial before the supreme court. In 2012, Mr. Wang participated in a training course of US patent law organized by Oliff & Berridge PLC, a famous intellectual property firm in US. Mr. Wang offers intellectual property services to many large chemical and pharmaceutical enterprises and research institutions. He has counseled hundreds of clients, including many well-known domestic and foreign large and medium New Drug R&D companies, Generic Drug Manufacture Companies, Pharmaceutical R&D process companies, R&D institutes such as Henkel KGaA, China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation (Sinopharm), Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co.,Ltd, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry under Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry, WuXi AppTec(Shanghai)Co, Ltd, Shanghai Chem Partner Co., Ltd, Shanghai Hisun Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, Humanwell Healthcare (Group) Co.,Ltd, Yongning Pharma Co., Ltd, Fujian South Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Shanghai Morden Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, Shanghai Zhongxi Pharmaceutical (Group) Co., Ltd, Shanghai Allist Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Lianhe Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd, AB Pharma Ltd, Viwit Pharmaceuticals Limited, Hisun Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd ,Arromax Pharmaceutical Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd, QR Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd, Wuhan Kangpu Biological Medicine Co., Ltd, etc.
Feng Xu
Senior Counsel (Patents)
Global Patents
Dr. Feng Xu is a U.S. qualified intellectual property (IP) attorney (NY, CT & USPTO), with a Ph.D. in biochemistry from a U.S. university. For over 20 years, Dr. Xu has served innovator pharmaceutical companies, as scientist and as IP counsel, in the U.S. as well as China. His clientele includes small start-up companies and large multinational corporations based in China, the U.S. and other countries. Dr. Xu has over 55 legal and scientific publications and presentations on IP strategies and life science research. He has counselled clients on creating, managing, defending, enforcing and monetizing IP portfolios, concerning wide varieties of life science technologies from small-molecule drugs to biologics, and from biomarkers to chemical processes, and from formulations to platform technologies.
Caihui Li
Chief IP Officer
3S Pharmaceutical Group
Li Caihui is Patent Attorney\ Senior Engineer\Licensed Pharmacist
√ Sept. 1988-July 1992, Bachelor, Department of Pharmacy, Shenyang College of Pharmacy
√ Aug.-Oct. 1993, Synthesis of peptides Beijing Medical University
√ Feb. 2002, Training on IPRs AOTS training center( Tokyo Japan)
√ 30 cases of patent invalidation /administrative petition with MNC on antibody medicine in China
√ Invalidation on ZL20061008639.X is honored as one of 10 national cases on patents reexamination and invalidation in 2014
√ 2016 Shanghai Labor Medal
Frank Zhu
Head of Patents Shanghai
Roche Group Patents
Frank Zhu is Head of Patents Shanghai, Roche Group Patents, and a member of Roche global patent leadership team. He moved to Roche Group Patents department in 2010, and established a team to support Roche’s R&D, pharmaceutical and diagnostics business in China from patent perspective. Prior to his current role, he was project manager of and portfolio manager at Roche’s R&D Center in Shanghai. Before joining Roche, he was a research engineer at Shanghai R&D Center for Polymer Materials. He graduated from Donghua university in 2001 with a master’s degree in material.
Zheng Wei
Senior Patent Attorney
Novartis China
Zheng WEI is a Senior Patent Attorney with Novartis China. Over the past five years, Zheng served as an in-house patent counsel for multinational pharma companies and provided IP support to both R&D and Commercial sectors in China. Before entering into the pharmaceutical industry, Zheng had worked in private practice for seven years, focusing on China patent legal issues. Zheng has a M.Sc. degree in biological sciences.
James Huang
Managing Partner
KPCB China
James Huang joined Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers China as a managing partner in 2011 and focuses on the firm’s life sciences practice. His main investment interests are innovation around China’s growing healthcare markets and helping entrepreneurs build companies. James has made more than 15 investments in China since 2007.
Before coming to KPCB China, James was a managing partner at Vivo Ventures, a venture capital firm specializing in life sciences investments. While at Vivo, James led numerous investments in China. Before joining Vivo in 2007, James was president of Anesiva, a biopharmaceutical company focused on pain-management treatments. During his 20-year career in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, he also held senior roles in business development, sales, marketing and R&D with Tularik Inc. (acquired by Amgen), GlaxoSmithKline LLC, Bristol-Meyers Squibb and ALZA Corp. (acquired by Johnson & Johnson).
Meanwhile, James Huang is also funding and managing partner to Panacea Venture, Panacea Venture is focusing on investments in innovative and transformative early and growth stage healthcare and life sciences companies worldwide, is established and managed by experienced partner Mr. James Huang whom is KPCB China’s managing partner.
James is Chairman of Board at Kindstar Global, JHL Biotech and XW Laboratory and Director at GenScript, ChiralQuest, Zenesis, CVie Therapeutics, CASI and Omni Pharmaceuticals.
James received an M.B.A. from the Stanford Graduate School of Business and a B.S. degree in chemical engineering from the University of California, Berkeley.
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